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My Dear Fellows,

Anyone who tries to describe the ineffable Light in language is truly a liar; not because he hates the truth, but because of the inadequacy of his description.

These profound words of Saint Gregory of Nyssa should be kept in mind; I hope that this site that you are visiting will be a way to approach and understand better the Orthodox Faith and Tradition. We offer this modest site in order to facilitate your search and exploration without thinking that we cover everything regarding our Faith, and to keep our parishioners up to date with the Parish’s upcoming activities and events.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns at (203) 849-0611 or e-mail me at: sgorthodoxchurch@snet.net

I hope that your journey will lead you to a personal encounter with the Lord, as a friend talking to a friend, and that His Light will enlighten you forever.

In Jesus Christ our Lord,

Fr. Nicholas
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Read the latest issue of the Parish News letter , the official news letter of our Church. It keeps the parish updated on the latest local Church news and events.

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