St. George Greek Orthodox Church

238 West Rocks Road • Norwalk, CT 06851


Past History

In The Beginning...
From the beginning of the last century, Greek immigrants started to settle in Norwalk, Connecticut to seek their American dreams. In 1940, they purchased a small Lutheran Church at 8 Fort Point Street in East Norwalk. Mr. George Zapherson, the highest sponsor, was given the honor of naming the church, which he named St. George after his patron saint, Saint George the Great Martyr.

In 1953, Archbishop Michael, then primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, granted to the Saint George parish, the ecclesiastical charter and appointed as its first priest, Fr. George Panagoulias.

As the years passed...
the community grew and with it so did the concern that the small church could no longer serve their growing needs. In 1972, a young priest, by the name of Father Germanos Stavropoulos was assigned as the Pastor at Saint George's parish. Fr. Germanos Stavropoulos was a man with great vision; he was full of energy and passion for his job. He realized that the community needed a new church and a community center and began working toward that dream.